The future of air conditioning has arrived with the introduction ofsmart zoning, the most advanced purpose built
electronic zoning system in today’s market,  that senses changes in heat loads and reacts accordingly.
The sun moving through the sky can affect heat load. Likewise changes in seasons… or turning on appliances. In fact, heat load can be affected by the simple process of a person passing through a room.

Specifically designed for reverse cycle units, smart zoning technology ensures air flow is perfectly balanced and providing the ideal temperature no matter what the conditions. This not only ensures your level of comfort, but also reduces energy consumption.

Smartzoning technology calculates calculates how much air is required in each zone by measuring the supply air temperature and comparing this against the setpoint and the current actual zone temperature.

Smart Zoning also:

  • Senses changes in heat loads and automatically adjusts accordingly
  • Maximises energy efficiencies
  • Controls air temperature in up to 8 zones
  • Can be operated from all zones plus a central location
  • Simple, one touch keypad operation
  • Electronic zone labelling
  • Supply air temperature safety function
  • Activates powerful Variable Air Volume (VAV) dampers