Split Systems

If you want to save money or require the perfect climate control in specific rooms, split systems provide the best option. Choose from Single Split or Multi-Split Systems depending on the number of rooms you need to manage.

Split systems allow the noisier outdoor unit to be located outside, while the quiet indoor unit simply blows the hygienically filtered cool or warm air in.

The additional benefit of a split system is that the outdoor unit can be placed in a less visible position that does not interfere with your other outdoor surroundings.

With adjustable air flows, fan speeds, temperature controls, time clocks and sleep modes – you’ll be able to adjust or program your system with more ease and flexibility than ever before!

High wall split systems are a very economical way of heating or cooling one room. If multiples are required usually ducted air conditioning is a more viable option.

These systems are available as fixed speed and inverter models with varying efficiencies. Other variations of split systems include ceiling cassettes, floor console systems, under ceiling and bulkhead ducted and the multi systems which can incorporate multiples of these units coupled to one condensing(outdoor) unit.


  • heating & air-conditioning in one system
  • relatively inexpensive for refrigerated air conditioning


  • will only condition one room
  • capacity loss in low outdoor ambient
  • they do create drafts