Refrigerated Cooling

Ducted refrigerated air conditioning for residential applications usually takes the form of a split system. These systems are available in 4 kw through to over 200 kw although the largest system able to run on single phase power is 15 kw.

Available as fixed speed and inverter models. Ducted air conditioning gives you total climate comfort with convenience and flexibility to cool and heat your home just how you like it, all year round.

This system provides cooling dehumidification and heating whilst filtering the air. This creates the perfect indoor climate year round in your home. You can be warm and snug in winter and delightfully cool in summer.

The ducted system draws air through the return air grille. The air is automatically filtered and then passed through a refrigeration coil, which either heats or cools the air. The conditioned air is transferred into the ducting and out through streamlined grilles to your rooms.


  • heating and air conditioning in one system
  • effective cooling to large areas
  • temperature and time clock control
  • ceiling diffusers are the only thing seen inside
  • diffusers create a draft free environment


  • high capital outlay
  • capacity loss in low outdoor ambients