Programmed Maintenance

We believe an investment as important as your heating and cooling should be maintained. It is important that your heating and cooling maintains comfortable conditions for your staff, clients and visitors. We can help maintain a temperature controlled environment for your building whist maximising your equipment’s efficiency and extending its life’s cycle. We aim to keep breakdowns to an absolute minimum.

We take a systematic approach to commercial & programmed maintenance which includes working with you to refine a program that will carry out the maintenance to your system to a high standard by qualified technicians on a regular basis. We also aim to carry out all maintenance at a time convenient to you and with a minimum amount of disturbance to your workplace.

Regular inspections decrease emergency repair events, the costs/extent of those repairs, and equipment failure.

Maintenance intervals for systems and equipment are determined by run time, system use, application, location, and manufacturer’s recommendations. This information, along with our years of practical experience in construction, engineering, and service assures that the client receives the industry’s most cost effective maintenance programs available.

All Commercial Maintenance Programs are planned, scheduled, managed, monitored, and enhanced for each clients’ application and budget.