Hydronic Heating

Hydronic heating is gas fired. Usually LP or Natural gas but occasionally wood or oil fired.

Water, heated by a dedicated gas fired boiler, is circulated around your house via a network of small diameter, concealed, insulated pipes. Radiators sized to meet your individual room heating requirements are selected to compliment your decor and fitted in each room.

The circulated heated water passes through the radiator and starts to transfer heat both through radiation and convection. Radiated heat is the transfer of heat between two or more solid masses, without heating the air in between.

Convection takes place when cool air is drawn into the bottom of the radiator and as it passes between the metal surfaces of the radiator, is heated and naturally released back into the living environment.

Radiation heats you and convection heats the air inside your house.  There is no requirement for fans, there are no dust problems and the system is virtually silent in operation.


  • very silent subtle heat
  • centrally controlled with individual panel control
  • no air movement


  • high capital outlay
  • heating system only